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Farming systems: facing uncertainties and enhancing opportunities

01 - 05 July, 2018 | Chania, Crete, Greece | Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania (CIHEAM - MAICh)

Symposium Proceedings

Symposium Proceedings

Theme 1             Learning and knowledge systems, education, extension and advisory services

Lead convenor    Thomas Aenis

Co-convenors     Alex Koutsouris, Pierre Labarthe, Guy Faure, Patrizia Proietti, Simona Critiano, Andrea Knierim


Theme 2             Agroecology and new farming arrangements

Lead convenor    Pierre Labarthe

Co-convenors     St├ęphane Bellon, Teresa Pinto-Correia


Theme 3             Integrating science, technology, policy and practice

Lead convenor    Julie Ingram

Co-convenors     Andrea Knierim, David Gibbon, Eelke Wielinga, Michael Kuegler, Thomas Aenis


Theme 4             Smart technologies in farming and food systems

Lead convenor    Laurens Klerkx

Co-convenors     Andrew Wilcox, Pierre Labarthe, Julie Ingram


Theme 5             Sustainable agrifood systems, value chains and power structures

Lead convenor    Eelke Wielinga

Co-convenors     Ann Waters-Bayer, Ika Darnhofer, Giuseppe Feola